Quicksurvive The Ultimate All Purpose Fire Starters - 12 Pack

Product Description

THE ULTIMATE ALL-PURPOSE FIRE STARTERS QUICKSURVIVE waterproof fire starters are the ideal fire-starting solution for any weather condition, environmental scenario, or temperature. With an all-purpose, all-scenario formula,  starting a fire will never be the same. QUICKSURVIVE fire-starting pouches are: - Safe for indoor and outdoor use - All-weather and waterproof - Convenient and easy to use - Long-lasting shelf life.

SAFE FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE With a single pouch you get up to 10 minutes of over 750 degrees of clean and sustained fire. QUICKSURVIVE fire starters can be safely used for both indoor and outdoor scenarios including as a: - Charcoal fire starter - Campfire starter - Fireplace starter - Grill starter - and more Each pouch is non-combustible and will not light unless exposed to a direct flame making them safe for storing, packing, and traveling.

ALL-WEATHER AND WATERPROOF QUICKSURVIVE starters are 100% waterproof and can light even if frozen. No matter what conditions you may find yourself in QUICKSURVIVE fire starters can light in virtually any condition including windy,  rainy, or moist conditions. Each pouch can be used to dry out damp wood for campfires making them ideal for emergencies, survival situations, camping, and outdoor cooking.

CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE To light a fire simply empty the pouch and expose the contents to a flame directly or by using the pouch as a starting wick. Each pouch can also light with a magnesium flint striker if opened and scraped.

LONG-TERM 30-YEAR SHELF-LIFE Safely and securely store each canister or individual pouch for up to 30 years with zero degradation or loss in quality. Enjoy years of quick and easy fire starting for decades to come without worrying about expiration dates or needing to purchase replacement fire-starting pouches.


OVER 750 DEGREES FOR UP TO 10 MINUTES - QUICKSURVIVE fire starters provide up to 10 minutes of fire at temperatures of over 750 degrees. Perfect for survival situations, camping, fire pits, charcoal grilling fireplaces and more. Starters will light if lit directly or if struck with a magnesium flint striker.

ALL-WEATHER AND WATERPROOF STARTERS - QUICKSURVIVE fire starter packs are 100% waterproof both inside and outside of the pack. Each pouch can light even if frozen so you can quickly and easily start a fire in windy, rainy, or damp conditions. Dry out damp wood for long-lasting fires in any condition.

LONG-LASTING 30-YEAR SHELF LIFE - Each pouch has a long-lasting 30-year shelf-life making them perfect for travelers, campers, outdoor enthusiasts,  survival situations, emergency kits and more. Store safely and securely over the long term without worrying about expiration dates.

SAFE BOTH INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE - Each pouch is designed for safe use in both indoor and outdoor environments. QUICKSURVIVE pouches are non-combustible and will not light unless exposed to a direct flame. Enjoy quick and easy fire starting for fire pits, fireplaces, charcoal grill, campfire grill and more.

THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE FIRE-STARTING SOLUTION - With 50 QUICKSURVIVE fire starter pouches in each canister QUICKSURVIVE is the most convenient and cost-effective fire-starting solution. Enjoy quick safe and convenient fire starting with QUICKSURVIVE waterproof fire starters.


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