Sweet Caroline Columbine Flower Bulbs - 10 Pack

Product Description

As the official flower of Colorado, these beautiful buttercup multi-colored blooms are perfect for any landscape, garden, or border/walkway. Known as one of the easiest flowers to grow and maintain; each flower produces five small beautiful petals that layer a colorful interior bloom. These flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds alike. Columbine flowers can grow between 24" to 36" tall and bloom in early spring. They are ideal for zones 3-10 and require full sun to partial shade.


  • Perennial flowers that grow back year after year
  • Estimated height when fully grown: 18”
  • Requires full sun to partial shade
  • Recommended region of the US for planting: zones 3–8
  • Blooms for up to twelve straight weeks longer than any other variety
  • The mix includes pink, purple, red, white, and yellow
  • Starts to bloom in late spring
  • Ideal for planting zones 3-8
  • Perennial flowers that grow back year after year
  • The state flower of Colorado


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